New update, mostly bugfixes 📢

I just deployed an update that has been pending a while, but got shelved due to the forum migration. It’s mostly bugfixes, with a few minor updates:


  • Added release notes to editor
  • Added “stop on first object” option to Raycast block
  • Detect when mouse leaves game area


  • Fixed inability to add Fullscreen blocks to team games
  • Fixed several multiplayer crashes
  • Fixed Shared block crash
  • Fixed offscreen pause crash
  • Prevent Raycast from intersecting interface objects
  • Fixed object dragging crash
  • Fixed Repeater repeat count input

As always, please let me know if this update causes any new issues for you. Thanks!


Alright, that new Raycast option is going to help a lot!
I’m also liking the update log on all the additions and fixes!

Thanks Grazer!

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Fantastic! Thanks for the update! :smiley:

sounds great :+1:t2:


Update, YEAH :slight_smile:
Thanks so much grazer.