New Update - new behavior, multiplayer bug fixes

I just deployed an update that has the following:

New Features

  • Global behavior block (in Logic & Math). - This block works like a Number, except every Global block in any object with the same name shares the same value. As an example, if there is a Global block named “Health” in object “A”, and a Global block named “Health” in object “B”, then updating the the value in either block will update both and evaluate the outputs on both.
  • The MouseMove block has a new setting - “Use Screen Coordinates” or “Use Game Coordinates”. Choosing screen coordinates is the current behavior, but using game coordinates means that the mouse coordinates will automatically update with the camera as it scrolls.


  • Attachments now work properly in multiplayer
  • Improved mouse click & move in multiplayer
  • Miscellaneous crash fixes
  • After switching between play & edit modes in behavior window, layers adjust properly
  • When switching to play mode and back to edit, the editor returns to the same layer instead of always returning to the game layer

Global is useful! But hardly to see number of global. (number is on the globe)

@muddyapples You could have a single player, local and online multiplayer mode to make it more interesting.

You forgot to turn off the collisions of the HP bar heh. But hey, it’s a good start, looking forward to seeing it in full.

Hey @PixelPizza thanks for checking it out and good spot on HP bar, it’s no longer a solid object and it’s much better. Going to look at updating graphics and adding more functionality but super stoked about multiplayer and looking forward to that being a Flowjam when everyone has a chance to work on it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I also worked on a Pong game ‘Zong Pong’ which is multiplayer before Tank Eliminator. I haven’t played in a few days but last time it was just working.

ZONG PONG - MUTIPLAYER (just 2 players)


Hi all, I’ve been working on a multiplayer game - Tank Eliminator. It’s early days but up to 4 players can play at once. You have to refresh after each round. At this moment in time you just need to make sure other peeps are also heading to the same url to play. Once the game detects players the clock will countdown and you’ll head in to the game.


Please let me know how you get on. I think multiplayer could be mega for Flowlab
Hats off @grazer its quite an accomplishment


Also luv the new updates!


Can you add more triggerable triggers? It would for having actual switches in the game, and more behaviors.

there are actual switches

Thank you grazer, really loving the frequent updates. :slight_smile:

This is awesome! Thanks for the fixes :smiley:
The new MouseMove setting is really cool, it will save some time for sure!
And also excited to try the new Global blocks.


Nothing happens when I click on Global in the behavior list


wha? I’ll check it

[EDIT] - ok, it’s fixed now. I guess I broke it right before I deployed :frowning:

@grazer maybe you could adjust it to have the number appear in it’s own capsule bellow the node like for numbers?

check my game out

@“gabriela0610”, You should provide a link to your game, that way we can check it out. Otherwise, it might take a while for us to find it.

Hey @grazer you should add a delete button for discussions there are a lot of discussions that are useless at the moment like questions that people got answers also people can remake them and it could actually help lag a bit and storage. also I have some discussions I would like to delete myself

Also there is a bug that a character sprite hovers 1-3 pixels over the ground