New Update - new features, and some bug fixes

I just deployed a new update with a few new features and fixes. Here’s the list:

  1. The selection method in the editor has changed. Selections are now per-object instead of per-grid-cell. This may not make sense as described, but it should make more sense when you try it - this is to improve the handling of oddly shaped or larger objects which brings me to...
  2. Objects can be scaled in the editor. There is a small rectangle handle that shows up next to the sprite when you edit it, dragging this allows you to resize them
  3. New Behavior block: Blend Mode - this sets the rendering blend mode of your sprite, for different blending effects
  4. New Behavior block: Color Filter - allows for the color adjustment of sprites. R/G/B/A inputs allow you to adjust the red/green/blue/alpha pixel values of your sprite so you can change the color during the game. these values are 0-100% so if you set the "r" input to "0", that will remove all red from the pixels same with the other color channels
  5. Fix layer handling so that changing the sort order of an object changes all copies of that object on screen immediately and speaking of layers:
  6. Background objects have a sort order property now, and changing this value affects their parallax speed, so that each render layer will scroll independently allowing multiple background layers
  7. Align Edit panel properly for large sprites

As always, please post in this thread if you notice any issues with the new release. Thanks!
The color node can add a new paradigm to spriting and graphics.

I made to Test to try out the features with sliders and filters.
Give it a try to test the new features:

I also have a light example using Proximities

WOoooooW :scream:
So many good stuff I can use for Flowjam :smiley:

@grazer can you add a way to undo size changes? Instead of having to guess the size.