New Update - Sound Uploads

This has been requested a lot:

I just added an “Mp3 Upload” feature, so you can upload custom mp3 sound effects and music. Uploaded sound files are available for all of your games once uploaded. This feature is only available for paid subscribers for now.


Pretty cool

Very nice. I was having a bit of trouble with some music, because I’ve had a few artists send me some music I can use in my game, but it’s over 4 minutes long, and it was taking forever to load, so you’d be sitting there on the menu with silence for a really long time, or walking around a level for a pretty decent amount of time with no music playing. I wonder if this will help speed it up a lot faster than loading it from Dropbox. Does this compress it at all, or is the sound quality just as good?

Can we have a private sound library?
For paid sounds and self made sounds.

What do you mean by “private”, PixelPizza? The sounds you upload will not show up for anyone else to select.

@“Mhx Ar” - the sounds you upload are not currently altered or recompressed, so whatever you upload is what you’ll hear. It’s not likely to be much faster than DropBox though.

If you set the background music to “looping” the game assumes it’s music. That should enable streaming, which will enable the sounds to begin playing more quickly instead of downloading first.

I mean that no one can copy the link or something like that, like the old sound uploader anyone could steal the link and steal the music.

Tested it now:
I just checked that this update doesn’t allow people to steal the link because there is no link. :slight_smile:

And the upload velocity it’s pretty fast wow. Amazing.

Also @“Mhx Ar” It plays also pretty fast. I tried with once and the music plays immediately. Marvellous.
Now I think we can do Musical Battle levels eheh

upload velocity? lol

I don’t pay for squat (yet) so I’m sort of on the outside looking in…
but this sounds great!

@grazer is there a possibility you can get the editor for SB3 to download all of the music files that theyre set to? It would save me lotsa time

@kyrophene hehe… Sounds great :trollface:

This is so convenient! I had to use some complex way to get custom music into the game but now its a lot easier!

Oh… I adore this update…