New update - Spawn behavior

I originally thought that I could make the Emit behavior flexible enough for all object spawning uses, but I now think that was the wrong approach. The emitter is optimized for short-lived, moving objects, and doesn’t work as well for most other uses.

I have added a new “Spawn” behavior that is meant for spawning in objects at a specific spot that should remain until they are explicitly removed. It only has settings for x and y positions, which can be set via the inputs or settings panel.

Woo-hoo, a new update :slight_smile:

So does that mean my spawner items are no longer in need?

@grazer I propose spawning behaviors allow you to spawn a random child of a parent object. That way SB3 will be easier to work with.

Okay this is literally one of the best updates ever. I hated it to emit objects and make it go to a position with the once behavior. You are awesome Grazer! :slight_smile:

Well thats really nice. Thank you!
Now I will update everything I think

I’m too lazy to replace all emit behaviors to spawn behaviors. More work for nothing. So I’ll use it in my future games.

Im working on the claustrophobia mode for Starblast 3.

The mode will not use the spawner object like the last game. Instead, I am using this new behavior. Especially because of the X/Y thing. There will only be one type of enemy spawned. The atom. The only one that is not in SB3 or in NW®.

This however came with a bug @grazer
When the nucleus is shot down, the electrons are supposed to dissapear. This means that the proximity the electrons have is still detecting the nucleus, even after it is destroyed.

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - I don’t see a “Claustrophobia” in SB3. Is that the same as “Constrictor” mode? I Don’t see any atoms spawning, and I don’t think I fully understand the description. If I can see the behavior I think it will be easier for me to figure out what’s going on.

Constrictor Mode is also claustrophobia.

Its probably set to rockets. I thought I got it done

@grazer There are some things you should fix in the behavior editor.

  • When you zoom in/out, the behavior screen scrolls to the middle. So I have to scroll back where I was working. If it’s supposed to be like this, for me it’s really annoying.
  • This is a very weird bug. To reproduce it, follow these steps:
  1. Zoom out
  2. Click OK
  3. Go back to the behaviors
    Now you can’t zoom in anymore, and when you are trying to drag a behavior block in the screen it becomes bigger (normal size).

So the auto-center behavior is intentional. Not sure if you remember, but people used to constantly get confused and think their behaviors had disappeared because it was easy to drag them outside of the viewable area and “lose” them. The auto alignment behavior prevents this by fitting all behaviors into the window and centering them. Maybe there is a better approach, not sure .

I’ll check out the weird sizing issue though, thanks for reporting it .

Why don’t you make a seperate button to scroll to the center. I don’t know, I don’t belong to those people.

@Latif3 - thanks for reporting that behavior zoom issue, I just deployed a fix for it.

@grazer Nice, but what about centering the screen when zooming in/out? Is it going to stay like that?

What if we had a zoom behavior, that could go from +50% to -200%

50 being zoomed into the middle
And 200, zoomed out.

I prefer the middle zoom

Scroll wheel or double click zoom to pointed location sounds like what you want Latif

YES! :smiley:

@grazer SB3 has a new mode called Evolved which uses a different spawning system (using the spawn behavior now that it exists)

For some odd reason it never spawns the necessary amount of enemies, even though the logic is perfectly fine.