New update - Spawn behavior

@CrimsonBlackGames - that’s interesting, can you give me a few more details? I’ll check it out.

Everything seems to look fine in playback mode, but for some reason I almost never end up with the right amount of enemies.

Its usually off by 1-4


I mean, tell me which level to look at, and which object behaviors to investigate :slight_smile:

Oh… oops…

Level: Evolved
Object- Evolved Spawner

I found a glitch in my game go under the Inventories’s behaviors and look under making items. the 2 wont respond neither will the 1. But the 3 will! Pls help.

the spawn behavior have bug he spawn monster on one point and don’t care X/Y

Can you make it to where if all 3 slots are imputed at the same time, the engine always spawns it after the position has been changed?

Yeah that would be better

Yeah I’m getting this feature figured out and i have the extractor tool taking the value for x and y and plugging it into the spawner to spawn it right on top of the object. The problem I’m having is it alwasy spawns it on the original object and not the individual locations of the clones. Bug or something I can do to fix that?

Actually I think I found a work around on that, thanks

How do you use it?

the spawn behavior

@23gz4932 this is the fifth time youve posted on an irrelevant topic. Please refrain from this. This will be the last time I ask you nicely Be quit CrimsonBlackGames your doing the same