New update - tiny settings update

I just deployed a very tiny update that expands the maximum game window width, and enables odd game height settings.


Whats the current max now?

@CrimsonBlackGames 32x24

I think the forum needs an better thing to show if the discussion is new or it’s already seen.

And the update it’s nice!

Thanks @PixelPizza - The forum is not code I wrote, so making changes is tricky. Also, the forum code is garbage :frowning:

Also, another small update:

I tweaked the Extractor a tiny bit - changed the icon (I always hated the old one), and updated the status label to show whether the current object is the one being extracted. This should help make things clearer in the case where you are comparing properties between different objects.

So no more objects with a bunch of syringes plunged into em, huh?

What is the new icon?