New users here need a little assistance. Father/Son Coding Basics Class

First, my son is 8, and loves this platform so far…and I am trying to stay ahead of him having some background in actual coding(C and Java) this has been fun…but we seem to have found either a bug or more likely a problem with our logic.

He made a game, added a second level…grabbed some sound clips from various spots and included them in his game. It is a chicken that is supposed to pick up X number of corn to complete level and move on…it was working just fine then now when the 1st level completes the chicken’s animation stops working and he glides across the level until he hits a immovable object. I recreated his project and it does the same on mine. Perhaps we are not calling the next level correctly but I don’t see an issue.

For any one that is willing to look, here is his somewhat broken game(he has spent like 5 hours on this maybe more and really wanted to complete it) but the glitch is making him sad and not want to continue.


I’m not sure what’s all going on, but I’m not having that issue, but after like three pieces of corn it teleports me to another level and on that level it just send me back to the first so it just keeps toggling back and forth.

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I also don’t have the issue, however…

I looked in the behaviors for the chicken and noticed that once you collect 5 pieces or corn it says to go to both the next level and the previous one. Perhaps your issue stems from this. I would simply delete the block that sends you to the previous level.

We set a ridiculously low number I think 5 and it switches levels…so we could test…because it does not seem to cause the glitch until after you land on the next level…so the order that this glitch occurs.

-collect 5 corn on first lvl…
-land on next level and press left or right just once and the chicken’s animation is frozen and he just glides…

I have tried on my PC as well and the same is happening. Which is why I was thinking glitch…

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he was having a hard time figuring out how to make the levels switch but the inclusion of both previous and next they were both in place before the glitch occurred. We will try it, but not sure if it will fix…

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By the way, welcome to the forums!
I don’t think it’s an issue with the game, try closing the tab and re-entering.

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I’ve been messing around with your game and can’t quite figure out how to solve the issue. I actually had a similar problem in my own game where the ground had no friction even though I made it have friction. I solved the problem by literally deleting the ground entirely and simply remaking it. I know that sounds tedious but it worked for me.

I believe it’s just a problem with Flowlab itself. It’s not a common one, but it’s still a problem.

I think it has something to do with flowlab being a browser and not an actual app. Since flowlab runs mainly through internet, just the slightest misconception can cause a lot of chaos, like art not saving or something. Which I think has happened to all of us at one point or another.
I’m also having this kind of issue with my game and I haven’t found a solution to fix it. You could try that when no arrow keys are being pressed (Logic Gate (And)) it will have a timer on 0 seconds that repeats forever into a number (0) and into x velocity. That might help the character from sliding since he only moves when you press left arrow or right arrow key. Then again, not. I don’t know and I haven’t actually tested it yet, but I’m sure there’s a way around it.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

Okay, so I made all the improvements that people suggested…first fixing that collision call for next and previous level. That works perfectly now. ALSO as Greggo mentioned, the ground was in fact the issue. Not sure what happened, but I deleted the part where you stand to test a little section and I walk just fine. so, that should fix the remainder. It must just be a little glitch bringing elements over from previous levels or something.

Thanks so much everyone!


I’m glad you got everything working! Welcome to the community by the way :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jumpsteady I know this got resolved but just wanted to say welcome to the forums! Hope you and your son enjoy the site!

so far we do, though in the video the instructor has some features that we are missing. I suspect it is the paid vs not paid version. Currently on a budget but if he still likes this site after a bit we will be a paid member…

The interface took some getting use to but it is overall an enjoyable experience. I am recommending this to all our homeschool friends who seem to have tripled at least in the last year…duh. Covid stuff I suppose.

Anyway. Thanks for the warm welcomes! I posted another topic today…see ya there?!