New visual programming!

Sometimes making games are really difficult. Because there are so many lines and strings. you don’t know how it functions anymore because all of those lines and strings look like a complete messed up spiderweb. For some famous programmers, they go to there old projects and completely forgot how the game functions. And if you try to understand it, It would take a really really long time to understand the structure of the game.

But using the blockly programming language would decrease that confusion a lot. It doesn’t have to be the same on the image below but all of the functions of the behaviors. Maybe adding a switch every single time if you make a project a GUI would pop up and it would say “Would you like visual coding or blockly coding.” And you could select one of them.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 19.00.44

There should be an option, because I know a lot of people would like that. I’d keep using it how it is

I would to i like the basic also it wouldn’t be so confusing if you just use bundles and make it very organized am I right


you are right grim lamo

@R0CK, I recommend to try using bundles.


It’s lmao bruh its lmao

lol I type too fast @GrimProductionZ. That happens all the time

@GrimProductionZ, Ye you’re right lol.

That’s what :sparkles: bundles :sparkles: are for.


Thank you @PixelPizza

lol pixel pizza has a comedian side to him

I’m confused on how he’s being a comedian

pixel pizza was being