New Year update: Cloning

i loved that @jngthree Sorry for the ignorant spamming guys, it said it wasn’t working, didnt think ive have an effect like that! lol

It’s fine

I just try to play my game (the cloned version) and its literally just red squares with a black background???

funny: @grazer was just on, then @ztg5 showed up. And @jngthree is still here

all the sprites are red squares, the code is still there tho

@jngthree what you been up to on flowlab? havent been on in a while but i remember your games

I made flowlab’s best arcade style game @ztg5

@ztg5 - delete the broken clones and make a new one - it should copy properly now.

It worked thanks!!

Does anyone know if/how to carry over points into a new level?

Please help!!!

Use “keep between levels” on the thing that tallies up the points. Preferably not the player, because you’ll have to start building from that spot on the next level.