Newbie Help Please

Hi All!

I’m absolutely new - came across this by accident and now I’m hooked.

So far, I have added my player and figured out the scroll thing, I have added a behaviour bundle “Run & Jump”. However, when my player jumps, he goes WAY off screen, for a long time, before coming back.

I assumed I could edit this in Behaviour Bundle - Edit Properties, but this doesn’t open anything. Tried to make my own new Behaviour Bundle, also doesn’t allow me to do anything.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to do the following?
1 - stop him jumping miles up
2 - have him get “injured” if he hits another object (like the little green blob)
3 - have him exit to a new level

Hopefully someone can explain it to me - total newbie.


Try changing the character shape, increase the gravity in the game by going to the settings, or simply going into the bundle and lower the number that goes into the impulse

I use collision—nextlevel behaviors
but you can use proximity—nextlevel too

For question 2, I’ll make a “tutorial game” for you in one week

I’m olcayolcayolcay2’s second account. This is injured tutorial for your question 2. Be quick, I’ll delete it.