Newest simple game

hey guys JNGthree here and i would like to say that im no longer using my old sprite style anymore… the Tiles i use in my newer games will be different… and my character will too…
The first game using these tiles will be a simple survival-sandbox game…
dont expect much yet i only started on it today.

nice and funny

@PixelPizza what’s so funny?

Added doors (press Q)
Added second layer wood (E)
Added bow (press X)
Bow uses the building outliner as aim(Only if outliner is on the screen)
Added water and buoyancy physics
Coming soon:
Material points to encourage mining and reaping materials
Day and night cycle
Music for respective time period
More biomes to survive in
Life points
Potions and other drops
Super jumps

You can already super jump by jumping out of water sending you skyward, but I’ll make it to where you can use life points (they regenerate) and fly skyward
I’ll soon make:
More biomes, all biomes deeper, a bigger map, a free build mode with unlimited resources and unlimited health as well, and the character’s secret mega form (kills enemies apon contact, speed doubles, and resource points triple and you keep them when the form wears off. ) i might make the underground layer randomly generated… Hopefully @grazer will help me with A.I. And I can get a little help.

Love building? Love this game!
Love beating the living crap out of monsters, then wait because you will love this game…

Super jumping is currently possible in water without a fine (reverse diving maybe?!?) , but on land it will soon be possible and will cost 3/10 life points…

I may instead of using the material points mechanic, I’ll make an inventory, or is that a bit overboard?

Also I’ll make it to where you can collect water with a bucket and you could make a water elevator and other contraptions…


The character chilling under water- before he floats and starts bobbing up and down in the water

this game is like terraria… right?

how do i destroy blocks?

P.S: addiction in your game testing everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Click and hold. And it is sorta like terraria. But I plan to alter it somehow

i cant destroy blocks

wood blocks

My home
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\ /



@PixelPizza wood blocks and other blocks you place can’t be destroyed until @grazer fixes a bug with proximity. And i haven’t added spreading water physics yet. Grazer might have to help me with that one…