Next Level Repeating the same level

I have found a bug with the next level block where for some reason the next level block is repeating the same level (level 3) instead of taking me to level 4.
This is the link to my game

Hopefully, this isn’t a bug and I am just missing something but I would really appreciate a response!

I looked into it and I think its a bug there is nothing wrong with the behaviors also try deleting and recreate the forth level also mane all of your levels this might fix the bug

You don’t need to delete anything.
I looked into both of your portal objects and they don’t seem to have any logic.

Well, when I checked out the game and tried cutting and pasting the next level behavior from the player object to the portal object, the problem still happened.

The problem is that Nextlevel behavior isn’t designed to go to the next level automatically.
You need to set every level to a different Nextlevel behavior separately to go to that level properly.