Night of the Attack of the Giant Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs from Hell!

Just in time for Halloween! @TinkerSmith and I are happy to present our newest Flowlab game: Night of the Attack of the Giant Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs from Hell. Please play and let us know what you think and share the link to others who might enjoy a little distraction. Should be playable with keyboard AND mobile controls, so give it a click!

If you are currently doing reviews on the Flowlab forums, then please review away! It’s still a little buggy in places, but for a month’s work it’s not too shabby.

Originally created for @glitchyrus halloween game jam.


Awesome, I’ll need to check this out when I can!


Can’t wait to play this! Will definitely do so after classes:)

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You can examine many things.
Don’t. Really, don’t!
Yes it helps to find bugs, BUT … it’s on your own risk. You have been warned :laughing:

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So hard…

Hard but Fun! :smiley:
Fantastic job guys! :+1:

I love this. After I beat the maze game, my wife came in to ask me why I was laughing at the computer.

Fantastic job guys!



I Won.
Prove: Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 6.15.33 PM

Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 6.15.24 PM


You can credit @TinkerSmith for the macabre ending. :rofl: glad you enjoyed it and glad it’s beatable. The real question is: how many jump scares did you find?

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I found two - are there more?

[edit] - and I loved the ending, nice one @TinkerSmith

There are technically 7 if you count the yellow flash lightning that knocks out the power.

Ok, well I found another but it looks like I’m missing three still

I got a jump scare every time @todorrobot had a new idea to add :laughing:
Nah honestly, love his creativity and was fun to work with him. Basically the whole game is his creation, I was just cleaning up after him, HAHA :slight_smile:

ToBrobot, anytime again :wink:


@grazer did you:
Play the maze game
Check the mailbox
Walk beyond the front or back yard
Check the fridge
Find the possum
Get scared by yellow flash lightning
Get Rick Rolled
Knock a lamp off a table when the power is out

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I beat the game but… Where are the jump scares?
I did not find any (only the lightning) Edit: on wait… that falling thing when you walk out of the front or back yard is a jump scare?

the game hasn’t loaded yet but I’m extremely happy that I’m about to play this game lol

finished the game, i love the attention to detail and spoiler alert if people want to find this themselves how i dissolved into computer code when i left my property was one of my favourite things in the game


See list above addressed to grazer

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wait we can get rickrolled in this game, i need to find this

i went outside the property and got struck by lightning so far

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I Found 1 Jumpscare

btw The Game Was REALLY HARD