Night of the Attack of the Giant Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs from Hell!

My Brother Played And Found The Maze Game

I didn’t think it was that hard - it just took me a few tries to understand that I needed to go into the basement and turn on the power so I would stop dying of fright. Once you figure that part out the game it’s not too bad. That last stinkbug is sometimes a pain to track down though.

Also @todorrobot & @TinkerSmith - I added this game to the featured games list so it shows up on the front of the games page now. Just in time for Halloween :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried to open this on a mobile device? I tried on mine and it stopped loading at about 5/6th finished and never completes.

Just wondering if anyone has tried and succeeded and how the touch controls worked if so!?

@todorrobot ill try and tell you what happens.
after trying
Ok, so the load bar loaded all of the way, but it didnt load the game, its just stuck a t a navy blue screen ._. Idk, you’ll have to try to fix that.

I found the maze game

Its kind of easy to find it Edit: i started opening and cosing the shower but i stopped because i did not want to get jumpscared (If there is a jumpscare)

I dont have that problem, must be your computer or something

I was talking about on mobile, as Todorrobot stated.

Btw, if you want to get jumpscared open and close the sower. (Just spam e when you’re next to the shower.

Oh wait, there is none

@Cuts_ups sometimes the expectation of a jump scare is scarier than the jump itself. haha

But really the gag with the shower is just that it plays the theme from Psycho when you open and close it. :smiley:

And the toilet opens and closes too, witch made me think that something might jump out of it.

i want a link to the maze game

… the maze game is in this game

Im so stupid (79549468746)

@8-bit_Studio You can probably find it online somewhere to play but every link I found required flash. Here is the reference. Old internet is old.


Much like what @Crigence said i really WANT to enjoy this game, but it’s just not fun to me. But don’t get me wrong it’s great just not what I expected.

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I appreciate the feedback. And I fully admit that this was not a fully thought out idea. It started as a lark for @glitchyrus Halloween jam and was initially just an excuse to make something dumb that included a bunch of silly jumps scares that made me laugh.

In fact the stinkbugs didn’t come into play until @TinkerSmith expressed some interest in making it into something “finished” So I added a “goal” and an ending. Originally there was a severed hand that you were supposed to find hiding in your house. But then, actual real stinkbugs started to invade my house and my new game villain was realized.

It’s definitely clunky and bloated with too many sound files, and alas, tinker’s genius couldn’t untangle my chaos. But we gave ourselves a deadline and we “released” it on time, which for a month’s work I feel pretty good about. Plus it lead to Tinker and I collaborating on a completed project and you’ll hopefully be seeing more from us soon.

I appreciate everyone who has played it and spent time exploring the environment. It was fun to build.


I think maybe it’s more fun for old folks who grew up playing Sierra games :slight_smile:


hand man

Fun fact: The severed hand became the possum. lolol