Night Springs to begin extensive production September 10th

Night Springs, the upcoming Plymouth Entertainment comic thriller tribute game, will begin extensive production September 10th. This will be when mechanics will be developed. After which Plymouth will develop a small demo for users to play and give feedback to us. From these, we will be able to adapt this new information and use it to improve the gaming experience.

It is estimated Night Springs will take about 20-40 minutes to beat with the main comic story-line. We are also considering an arena mode with the mechanics and enemies of the game, if objects allow. Night Springs will be entirely created on the free account, meaning resources are scarce. And if we have to, we will recreate the mechanics again for an arena mode as a separate game. We are hoping that we will not have to separate the main game into two parts as well.

Until September 10th, we will be analyzing the best tactic to be able to create a full experience on a free account. We will keep you updated until then. Thank you!

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