No longer colliding

How do I make it so when an object is no longer colliding with an object, it sends an output?

make it:
[ J ] not solid
[ J ] Enable collisions

@“JR 01” This doesn’t help me. I’ll just tell you my situation.

In the final level of my game ( I need the door to open as long as Timmy is colliding with the button. But when Timmy doesn’t collide with the button, the door closes.

The colliding behavior can’t do that, you will either have to use a ray-cast or a proximity.

So as collide, do you mean always when on the object?
Collide is a one time action, you need to always detect it.

If you want to detect when your on it, a proximity or a raycast would be better (depending if its only at a specific angle).

Yeah Raycast Would probably be best. Just go into Timmy and do always Raycast, button then hit sends a message to the door telling it to open, and miss sends a message telling it to close.