Nobody is joining my multiplayer game

im trying to make a basic mutilplayer game, and no one is joining/appering. How do ii fix this

Multiplayer is a bit buggy yes.
However, this doesn’t sound like that. No one is joining because no one is playing the game probably. You’ll see someone enter the game if you test on another tab. I’m assuming you are indie, but in case you’re not, you need indie to make a multiplayer game.


Yeah i am indie (duh.) However, i notice the player number going up, and when sending it to my friends, it shows up as “non existent”. I have no idea what the problem might be, but I would like a few ways to see what might work. Thx!

I think one of the best ways to count players is a prox counter. The player count behavior isn’t the best.

Well yes… kinda. Here’s my problem- I open the game, i play for a while, waiting for players to join, the player count goes up, no one is joining. I have no clue if that is a bug thing, and it doesn’t appear on the website

Is your player object set to a player object?

Also, you can change review names? Huh,

Yes, when you become a regular, you can change topic names. :slight_smile:
Can I have the link to the game, so I could look at it?

It might not work, as even when logged in, it shows up as “non existent”. That might be a link glitch, or it just not appearing on the website

Do you, or whoever has indie have the game set to private?

Yeah, that’s my guess. I hear that a lot, but i have no clue how to undo it. Ill look around for a bit

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Hmm. Do you personally have indie, or does someone else have indie? If you have it, you can change it in the game settings. A game is not automatically set to private, though.

well, i mean,i am on a classroom account, so that might explain it

If you’re on a class room account, you’ll likely have to ask your teacher about changing the game to not be private

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