You should disable this for trusted people @grazer (or @“Mhx Ar” because he’s a moderator)


How did you end up posting twice in 60 seconds? That’s only a 5 minute cooldown. Most websites have them, especially Facebook. Can normal users not edit their posts?

Maybe I tried to post at the 59th second lol

It could just be a Vanilla forums feature. I personally prefer bb, but Vanilla is clean and minimalistic, which is perfect for mobile devices. I don’t think the timeout should be removed. It slows spam. I do think it could be changed to 3 posts in 90 seconds.

Supercell forums don’t let you post 2 times in a minute, but there’s no need for spam block there.
I agree that trusted people should be allowed to overlook the ban, but usually there’s only like 5 people on the forums now except for new users (lol)

I just refreshed and a new comment came…


Flowlab didn’t die, it was just mostly used for students at a time. Teachers aren’t going to let kids just play video games all year. The problem with kids is that they ask a ton of questions, but almost never finish a project. If the teachers don’t understand how to use flowlab, they can’t help the kids with all their questions, so the kids post here. If we can’t help them, they can’t work. If the kids can’t work and can’t learn, the teacher pulls the plug, and hundreds of student accounts disappear. After the tutorials and videos are all up, grazer can advertise to new schools. I actually recommend he advertise on Android forums. Tons of people on Android forums ask about jailbreaking and coding games. I also think it would be a good idea to make a Linux package, and market flowlab to Raspberry Pi users, because most of us are yound adults to grown adults that spend our free time either programming or playing retro video games. I’m sure they would be much more interested if they knew they could program their own games, because coding and building a package for Debian is a pain. If grazer makes a raspbian packager and adds joystick support, he could potentially get hundreds of bored adults with money to waste, interested in gaming but not coding. We all wasted months building our computers, some spent money on fans and extra parts for overclocking. Linux, Pi, and Android communities are where the money and users might be, but not always young kids, because parents hate video games.

Warning: what you may read here is not completely confirmed, and is my point of view only. Viewer’s digression is advised
[spoiler] TBH, i never could wrap my head around why.

The press usually disses video
games thinking they’re “cancer to a Child’s brain.” Even though that’s been disproven many times. I play video games a lot, but I don’t let it affect me because I know the difference between reality and virtualization. Someone went on a killing spree after a lot of isolation and games- the press immediately thought the games were the problem- completely disregarding the fact that isolation itself causes insanity. video games do not cause people to do stupid things, but will cause stupid people to do stupid things.

My main guess why the press goes after them is because video games are very popular, up to par with movies. And older generations feel threatened by this. Because we don’t necessarily have the same gimmicks of them, and what made them think they’re “so good” is not in our interests.

Grand theft auto causes kid to go nuts? Maybe it’s because the parent allowed a child to play a “Rated M” game. Maybe parents should blame themselves for not taking the rating seriously- instead of the game that’s aimed at adults

Isolation and curiosity, that’s what it is.
I’m allowed only 4 hours of video gaming a week.

School was boring for me. Eventually I took classes for Traditional instruments and digital music programs, Traditional and digital art classes for painting to photoshop, CAD for 3D modelling, and I was a gaming hobbyist, using tons of forums to get teams to make games for PSP and Android. School teaches you nothing, so most teens and full grown adults are lucky to spell correctly, or count without their fingers. You really excel in classes you want to be in, and I’d love to make these talents into my permanent job. Technology is the future. It isn’t dying anytime soon. Parents and schools need to accept that as a fact. Flowlab is a great introduction to code logic, and you never have to try real code if you don’t want to. The forums are clean and helpful if you use them right. That being said, use the forums right, and only post once per minute, lol. I can’t even type something without rereading my post for typos. I don’t know how anyone could post that fast, unless they’re short replies.