Noooooooooooooo can't make games


that’s the game maker home screen

You need flash player

What is a flash player?

Flash player is what most games on sites use, for example. Flowlab uses flash. On Google, search up adobe flash and download the most recent version.

Are you on a mobile device (iPad or Android tablet)? Flowlab won’t work there yet, unfortunately.

@grazer. I have flash on iPhone. No jailbreak. There’s a flash browser known as puffin web browser…

I have heard of a few people using Flowlab with Puffin, but I tried it once it once and the combination didn’t seem to work all that well.

Thats true on Puffin flowlab doesnt run a while ago I tried it a few times

It’s best not to do it on phone- the site isn’t designed for screens that small…

puffin has a feature called “theater mode”

Combine that with the optional mouse, and your good to go!!

I guess it’s okay for playing a point and click game, but without a slide out keyboard, you can’t do much. Well, besides that, I can’t really read anything either. Definitely a good browser, though.

You got that right

There’s an optional gamepad- It has four directional inputs (arrow keys) and four changeable buttons. So that will have to do