Nor Gates no longer work

So I was working on my game and I noticed that the attack hit or miss feature don’t work since I wanted to make it so when the player is within proximity of the slime, it will activate the label saying that the slime attacked you. But for some reason the nor gate attached to the proximity doesn’t shut off. It still stays on so idk what’s going on.

I can’t really send a link since kind of a private game at this point, but idk if this is enough to figure out what’s wrong.

Does anything happen when you lower the proximity block position?
Can you DM me the link?

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Yea a lot of the filters and gates aren’t working for me, either… said that 100 was smaller than negative 1 when I was testing semisolids…
@grazer can u fix this?

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@hihilogic - I think the filters and gates are still working? Do you have an example of a filter and/or gate that isn’t working the way you expect?

Indeed i do. Let me get it…

I can assure you that 103 is not smaller than 63 :thinking:

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I think I found the problem… it’s the attach…

But there are lots of those objects in the game, right? The display shows all of them executing.

I think this is probably the most confusing thing about the behavior display. I think I need to change the way this works.

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Probably… what’s happening is the attach… when I just put the object in the game, it bounces the player. When I allow the non-solid to attach it, it isn’t solid…?

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Attachments are not solid. This is because two solid, movable objects cannot be in the same place.

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This is just because you have 2 more slimes offscreen, you’re seeing the connections of those as well.
If you remove the slimes offscreen, the gate works as intended.

It’s just a visual thing, the editor shows the output of the clones too.