Notes and Waves - Flowjam Submission

Hey all!
It’s me again, and since nothing seems to work out for me, I’ll try this. Please play my game!
Please make sure to rate it on the flowjam and tell me if you did. My biggest worry is that nobody will even try it!!!
What should I add? What needs fixed or removed? Any questions? Thanks!!!
Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 4.09.31 PM

Nobody has played me game the whole day :frowning:
453 plays

Repeatability is a big design factor. It needs something that motivates the player to come back.
I enjoyed the music, but not my kind of game, maybe the same for others. I’m deeply into RPGs and when I want to take it easy some stupid clicker game, lol.

@TinkerSmith I added in four levels, level five in development. That should’ve covered for repeatability! If it’s because of the art style, you could argue the same thing for Gdash and Shapes and Beats, yet they both blew up wildly. I am open to recommendations though.

I know that not many people have liked my game, but for those that have, I am adding in a fifth level. It’ll be seven and a half minutes long! Get your gamer moments on.

Never mind…


I hope somebody will play it…

@meburningslime I guess one indication could be the number of plays and hearts on the Game page. Just to see what kind of games the people prefer to play.

Or asking Dr.Google what is popular and what not, along these lines:

But have to admit for myself I mainly go for what I like myself. So if you like your game, like playing it, just be proud of what you have achieved.
( Don’t ask how often I got bored with my own creations and deleted them, LOL. Bad sign when the creator gets bored himself ROFL)

Anything… plz

I have played it about twice by now. So far, it looks promising, although I do have a few problems.

Looking at the game, it LOOKS like it took inspiration from Just Shapes and Beats. What I admired about that game is that it gives you three HP (six if you are fighting a boss), especially since the game is very difficult and involves loads of flying projectiles. In this game, though, one hit and you have to start all over. Speaking of that, the game puts you straight back to the menu without restarting the level or even showing what mistake you made. In Geometry Dash and Just Shapes and Beats, the games give you about a second or so before restarting the level. This is to show you where you failed, giving the player just enough time to think about how they can prevent making the same mistake. In this game, you are kicked out of the level entirely if you make a mistake, without delay from the initial impact to the function. This makes it difficult for the player to learn the layout of the level. GD and JS&B are both very challenging, but at least they are fair to the player and preserve the mechanic of trial and error.

As I said, the game looks promising, and I see how much effort was put into this, but the game just needs some improvements to making gameplay fair and engaging.

@GalaxianGames I had this game concept around a year before shapes and beats came out, but decided not to go along with it since, you know, it came out. However, I have been trying to figure out a way to pause the game for a second for the player to regroup before sending back. This new pause update may let me do that, I’ll try right now.

@GalaxianGames I just made it to where it pauses for 1 second when you die. This is just the beggining, I’ll make a Game Over screen. As for three lives, I considered it and still am, but if I do then it’ll just look even mroe like a Shapes and Beats ripoff.

Yeah, you don’t need to add in the three lives mechanic, I was just more concerned about the delay between failure and the Game Over screen.

Plus, my levels are way shorter than theirs, and I dare say easier. That at least balances it out. But how fun is it? That’s my biggest worry, that I’m pushing a game noone cares about.

But how fun is it? That’s my biggest worry, that I’m pushing a game noone cares about said every game dev ever about every game they were making. :slight_smile:

@todorrobot that still doesn’t answer the question tho :confused:

@TinkerSmith that still doesn’t answer my question!

About how much fun it is @meburningslime ?
I guess I’m the wrong person to ask, it’s not my kind of game.
When I come from work I want to relax and these kind if games make me hyper.
To relax I prefer rpg’s, strategy, puzzlers and whem I’m really brain dead and just want some mindless distraction the occasional clicker game.

So … really the wrong person to ask, no fun for me. You need some feedback from gamers that like games like this. That challenge their concentration and reflexes. They should love it.

P.S. but I liked the soundtrack :slight_smile:

well um ok

Here’s some sneak peek art for the Megasode!