NOW FUNCTIONAL? - Pizza Tapping

Wow! That was a tough one. @Baconcat008 and I teamed up on this one, and I’m really happy with the final result even though I fell behind at the end and was really struggling with the level transitions remembering what level you were on when you went back to the menu. It’s functional but I was only able to play all the way through it before I had to submit it, so there are some other quirks and annoying bugs in there. Reloading the game once helps. Hopefully it’s strong enough to get an honorable mention.

baconcat’s rockin’ soundtrack is pretty dope though (but you can’t hear it when it’s played on phone!)

Have some fun at Tappy’s and let us know what you think!!


Really cool art and music but unfortunately I couldn’t quite get the gameplay down. The tutorial screen was a bit confusing for me and the text glitched a bit. I also found a kind of big bug. I couldn’t proceed to the monday level. Like I was clicking on monday but it wouldn’t let me go. I went into the editor and went to the level myself and the other days worked fine as well but for some reason monday wasn’t working.

This is quite impressive for a game made in 2 weeks though!


Thanks! That’s weird about the Monday level. It works on my phone (I can click on Monday), but not on my computer (can’t click on Monday), even though it WAS working on my computer last night.

Very weird and kind of a bummer if some people can’t get through the Menu screen.


I love the music and the title artwork, top notch… but I also couldn’t get past the tutorial.

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this is good, but I had very similar problems to Greggo. I could only get to the gameplay from the editor, and I couldn’t really figure out what to do from the tutorial screen until just now, because I wasn’t sure what to click and in what order. I also found it really difficult to scroll through ingredients.

there’s tons of positives, though.

  • I like the music
  • I like what the manager says at the beginning of every shift
  • pixels are chunky
  • menu screen intro is awesome
  • it’s a really cool idea, and once I get the hang of it more, I bet I’ll have a lot of fun making pizzas.

update: I am now having lots of fun making pizzas, despite still being a terrible employee


Thanks @F3Art I’ve definitely become a pro at making pizzas with all the play testing I had to do. It’s definitely beatable but the toppings swipe can be a little finicky.

My trick has been sauce and cheese the crust before it is even all the way on the screen that way once the customer orders you can place the toppings right away. Also add the toppings on the right side first since those disappear into the oven first. You can sneak in the left side topping as it’s going in the oven (as long as you don’t accidentally hit “load” )

@Bmarzi did you mouse over “Monday” ? It should open up and be available when you get to the menu. It worked on my phone and it didnt work on my computer once but then when i refreshed it fixed itself? Give it a try again today if you haven’t?


I just tried it on my phone and it wouldn’t let me click “mon: pepperoni”. Also, when the game first starts it goes from main menu screen to the back of menu with all the numbers you can click on. Then I hit back and it took me back to the main menu, when I hit play again it brought me to the front of the menu.

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Unfortunately, this one bugged out majorly for me on my PC. :frowning_face:

I wasn’t able to give it an accurate rating as I wasn’t able to even read the instructions or start the game.



It should be working now.


The main level works now, I just have to figure out how to do everything else.

I’m pretty sure I just served the last customer a giant ball of burnt cheese, hold the crust, and he did not seem impressed.


This is super awesome! I’m so glad you got it working because it’s so cool to have a Pizzeria Sim on Flowlab! You’re really pushing the limits on this site :smiley: