Npc follow ball

I need help with a game i am making. I am confused about how to make things follow other things.


Welcome to flowlab!

Just use an always or have the timer shorter for the second example if you want to to always follow exactly

Here are some helpful links for other things

Thank you. I have been using those two for so long and i was confused why it worked for other people.

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np, always happy to help. :llama:

I just put it in. I set it to always and nothing happened. Thanks for taking the time to reply though.

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Are the “Other” Extractors set to the player?

Thanks. I set it to the ball.

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Reply to this when you want but the npc is flying on the ball.

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i am taking out up. If it breaks it i will try something else.

I need a link to the game to see what’s going on. If it’s private you can pm it to me. (Before looking at it, I assume it’s because the npc is not dense and the velocity is too much for it)

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