NSGCraft it is!

As the vote discussion ascends to absolute madness(which’d probably happen with this one too),the most voted is 4!
4 is NSGCraft,which is going to be complicated and I might need your help.
I’ll update you later,but let me explain the details.
The game

NSGCraft is an NSG Minecraft game which can include crafting(if I figure out how to do it),enemies and pets!

Is there any story at all?Well,yes.
Waitguy is on his [PART OF HIDDEN LORE SO THIS IS CENSORED] and accidentally opens a portal.New Type 1 (The Player) gets sucked in too.[PART OF HIDDEN LORE SO CENSORED] have attacked the world of NSGCraft and you have to save it.
Is this even related to NSG at all?

Well,yes!It has NSG characters,NSG Lore & maybe NSG Locations!