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Im sure some people might get upset for the fact that you are spamming random discussions with no purpose on the forums. I would recommend only posting a discussion if you have something really important to say, if you need help, or you want someone to play and review your game. I figured that I would tell you this before someone called you out for this.

Says the person with 17 discussions
Edit:haha pointless forums go BRRRRRR

Ive been on for a long time so of coarse I have a few discussions. Mostly just questions on different game mechanics which I dont have a problem with. But seeing something like this discussion (Which I dont mean to be rude) doesnt really seem to fit in with everything else and just seems a little bit unnecessary if you ask me. Like i said, I just dont want to be rude or offend you. Which I know you are a new member so you dont have to take this so seriously, Im sure everyone has been caught doing this, but its just to limit the amount of discussion on the forums.