Null Object Reference

Hi, I’m new to making a game here and I’m making a simple game for my assignment. However, whenever I export my game to my windows pc and I start up the game using the exe, it will always show up with an error “Null Object Reference”. Is there any solutions to this issue? Capture

Ahhh I see, thanks for clearing it up! :smile:

@MichaelChuang it should not be possible to trigger this error - it stems from an engine bug. In this particular case, it was being caused by the previous engine update that modified the layer behaviors.

Ah it works perfectly now! Thanks so much for taking the time to resolve this issue. Out of curiosity, may I ask what causes the Null Object Reference error when building the game?

Ouch, I fixed and restarted them @MichaelChuang so you can download and test now

Thanks for resolving the issue although I haven’t been able to confirm it as my game now have an error when building the game, I’ve tried relogging in or using a difference browser to build the game but it still shows an error as shown in the picture.

@MichaelChuang - This issue should be resolved. I’ve re-exported and tested your game in Windows and it seems fine now. Unfortunately fixing the problem requires a re-export, so if any of your clasmates are experiencing the problem, they will need to export their games again.

Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Post a link to your game and I will check it out.

Here it is:


Bumping this so I don’t forget about it, this is on my list :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to look into this issue! Just an update, most of my fellow classmates also encounter issue when building their game. Not only on the PC build (with the null object reference) but the android apk also have an issue where the app opens and just closes immediately.