Number Behavor Bug

I Dont Know If Its A Bug But, In My Game That Im Making, I Set The Number Behavor To “1” But Instead It Says “1” But Outputs “2” T(It Doesnt Say This Its Outputing “2” But It Adds “2” To Anything That Is Attached To It.) is This A Bug?

Can you send a game link?


I don’t want to be rude by going off subject, but I feel that everytime someone needs help with their game @USERNAME55 is always there, and when he is, he always needs to ask for the game link, lol.

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also, what object is this happening in?

“Health+” And “Health” (User Interface)

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I see the problem, but I don’t know whats wrong. Is it the repeater?

I Just Put It There To See If It Would Fix It

oh. Sorry, i don’t know whats wrong

Ok, Thats Ok (Limit)

Can you describe how to trigger the problem?

Its in the health object. When you play it in the editor, and activate the mouse click, the number at the end goes up by 2 when it should go up by one. Is that correct, @pixelknife31?

Clicking the mouse didn’t seem to change anything when watching that object in the editor.

i think that you have to click on object.

Look In The Object “Health” And Before You See The Animation Behavor Look At The “Number Behavor” (Before It)

looking into this and seeing if I can see the problem

@pixelknife31 @grazer
It’s not a bug. The code for “Health+” is shown below. It’s meant to send a single “+” message to “health” when clicked. However, the mousclick inputs to both the “in” and “+” inputs on the number block. Number blocks output if EITHER of these are inputted. So, the number blocks are simply outputting twice on the mouseclick, therefore sending the message to the “Health” block twice, and adding 1 twice, which would equal 2.

The Other Health Object