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In my game i want the block called bye to disappear and not be solid after four seconds. I got it to disappear, but i don’t know how to make it not be solid.

Just Use The “Enabled” Behaver. In The input Use “False” once You Won’it to Be Solid Again In The Input Use “True” Or Just Let Me Edit It.

And I Just Found An Infanit Jump Glitch! You Can Fix It By Just Using The “Run&Jump” Behaver In "Behavor Bundles"Tab. Use “Run&Jump”

Screenshot 2020-06-08 at 1.26.24 AM

The Run & Jump Behavor Has The Keyboard Behovors For You!!
And Fixes The Infanit Jump Glitch.

I Checked Out Your Game And It Look’s Like You Already Fixed Your Comment…

my character is still standing on it when it disappears

did i connect them correctly?

Do you want the object to not be solid and disappear after 4 seconds?
Or do you want the object to disappear and then not be solid after 4 seconds?

can you check it?

i posted the comment above because i didn’t see your reply so u don’t need to check it and i want it to start the timer once the character collides and after 4 seconds, it disappears and is not solid (at the same time)

Well its an easy fix, I’m just going to screen-shot the fix if I knew what you wanted @USERNAME55.

Here are 2 solutions, but Idk what exactly was the question.
Both disappear and not solid the object after 4 seconds…?

Deletes the objectl:

Disappears the object:

ok thank you it works