Object leading to another object

Is there a way to run into an object and it lead to another object on the same level?

Lemme check if this is what you want:

The player runs into a square
and the squares goes to another place


The player runs into a square
and it appears a circle (that player haves to run into)

Square/Circle is just an example

I’m actually looking for the player to run into a square and the player go to another area on the level.

Alright then!
So you want a square portal basically.
This is easy check out this image and explanation:
Here is how you make it. But you have to change a few things.


The Blue Circle is a Collision Behaviour.
This is the behaviour that activates the “portal” system.
Collision Behaviour: Emits energy when an object(the one with the behaviour) touches another (selected one).
You have to change the “selected one” to your square portal.

The Red Circle are the numbers behaviours.
This is the behaviour responsible for the in-game coordinates you want to your player go.
Number behaviour: Number blocks contain a single integer value. They are a useful place to store a characters score, health, number of items collected, or anything else that requires keeping track of an amount. They emit the amount of energy of the selected number.
You just have to change to X coordinate number in the above - and the Y coordinate in the below.

And finally, the Green Circle is the Position Behaviour.
This is the behaviour responsible for sending the player to the specified coordinates.
Position Behaviour: Position property blocks enable the objects position in the level to be updated.
You just have to change the type of it depending on your coordinates. Are them grid coordinates or pixels coordinates (pixels are more precise)

Quick image showing the grid coordinates:

Hope you learned.
If you want to read a little bit about the behaviours check this: