Object Type Gone? Critical game breaking bug.

I was in the middle of making a leader object that attaches to the y of another object, but now I realised that Object Types are gone. Was this an update I missed? I can’t choose anything, so it doesn’t know what to do. I’m using messages as a workaround, but @grazer idk what is going on here.


Um… the object type is selected.

Did you pull that object window up from the library? Because you have to have one on the level, and pull up the window from it to use object names

Remember, extracts are from one particular object.

I meant Object Number, where it says Select Object. When I click it, it’s blank, because Santa doesn’t have an object number. None of my objects do. I can’t click anything for the object number, so I can’t use extract remotely, without sending messages.

Is Santa on the level?

Of course. Santa and Rudolph are right next to each other on the same level. No objects in the game have object numbers. I assumed they were removed.


Not sure what’s going on here. I just opened the game up, went to the “lvl 1” level and opened up the disc object. I added an extractor, and I was able to select the Santa type, and then the object by name. Is this still an issue? Do I need to do something else to trigger the problem?


@grazer Santa is not object 817. Close the window and try to play. When you open it up, New object 11 will be selected instead of santa. I tried this several times, and Rudolph would bind to new object 11, which is one of the background floors.

Ah, ok - I’ll check it out again. Maybe not until tomorrow, since today is Christmas stuff.

It’s no problem. Tyt. I used messages, so it doesn’t affect me at the moment.