Objects won't save

So I found a bug where if I place objects in a level, none of them load and it’s just a blank background.
Here is an example:

This is when I’m in the editor.

And this is when I play the game

Is there a way to fix this yet?

Also, the player object and music objects load, but nothing else. That’s what the health is from.

Can you send a game link?

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Go in and load “tsoalevel2.”

Let me know if you experience the bug.

The blocks are there for me.

Did you try reloading it?

All I Can Suggest Is Make The Background In The Background Instead Of A Game Object :confused:

I don’t see the problem, it all seems to be working fine for me. I like his game it’s very cool. Now I know this isn’t a review, but the words that come up in the bottom left corner when the characters are talking, they went away to fast for me to read them.

@buy3get5free I might add an option where you can choose the text speed.

@buy3get5free But, I slowed it down for your convenience.

Anyways, I tried replacing the level under another name “tsoacutscene2” which will add to the first cutscene. And for some reason, everything saved. Maybe it was the level itself?