Off-Screen Death and Movement Respawn Example, now with the fancy stuff!

Hey guys! Made a new example, with bundles ready to use! Will add explanations and sound and all that cool stuff, but I just want to hear your thoughts right now.
Also @grazer, do you think my example could be on the examples page???



When did you learn to use the inView behavior? :joy:


hmmm… I wonder??
Yea, check out DinoDev’s local arcade. It’s where I learned the basics of inView.

Just added all the goods!!! Now has everything, including sound, music, and animation. Oh, and the actual explanation! Enjoy @DinoDev

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Just added a noice camera thing.

Which is broken if you don’t make the jump and die.

Instead of using a collision, use a extractor, if it’s less than it goes to the left, if it is greater than x it goes to the right, to avoid that little bug.