Off topic discord

JOIN MY DISCORD its for off topic unless you go in the channel tab. ANYONE CAN JOIN


Flowlab is not for advertising your creations, unless they are flowlab or something helpful for the community.

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literally on flowlab discord and multiple others have done this including rezarg and others i dont see the problem

They’re giving people a place to share art and giving people a helpful tool. My flowlab featuring server is literally a place where I give games more attention, and since it relates to flowlab, it’s not advertising as much as it is helping.

that is so hypocritical tho flowlab discord has an off topic channel
and the only thing you can say to back up that, that’s not a problem is the fact its in the flowlab server and if I wanted to be stingy as well i could say well this has to do with flowlab because it was posted on flowlab community. and if it was such a problem @grazer can tell me that

its also being hypocritical saying i cant post this because im advertising myself when literally everyone on discord or community is doing stuff like this
so are you saying if its not yours its ok? cuz that’d be pretty stupid.

You really think rezarg made those songs? Those are just him posting his favourite songs. Plus, all discord servers have an off-topic chat since it lets people chat normally with the community, so you are advertising something we already have on the forums and in the discord, however, your’s is not even for flowlab.

i literally said it wasnt his and your saying i cant post this because 1 it doesnt have anything to do with flowlab which flowlab has a off topic channel and that has nothing to do with flowlab either and 2 because its mine if it were someone else’s its ok is what your saying

First of all, the last time someone advertised a server on the discord server was a few months ago when I created a server to feature and give underrated games attention. Second of all


OH HEY GUYS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER IS :JackSepticEye go subscribe to him its ok its not related to flowlab…
You understand what i mean it doesnt make sense but thats the logic your using

Ok first of all, how is he advertising the songs? He’s literally just showing us some of his favourites, which last I checked it’s not advertising when you share your interests. He was not sharing the songs so they gain money or attention lol

ok so what happens if i said I just like this discord and anyone can join
EDIT: then im not advertising necesarily im just saying like he said this is my favorite song you should listen to it so this is my favorite discord you should join it

It’s advertising since you’re attempting to give something attention.


heres another example

How is that advertising? He’s giving someone a song to listen to? Not trying to give a song attention.


That’s not advertising. He’s literally giving someone a tool to help them. You’re acting like the things in the resources channel are advertisements.

thats in the off topic channel actualy

it was a while ago idk how long but somone recently advertised theyre channel in one of the channels like 2 days ago