Official...NEW GAME! {Dark Defense (1)} by:Overma Games

This is the official subject on our new game coming soon!
we just added a new sprite our “MASCOT” of the game! @beanies_bugs made the sprite!
And yes it is kinda creepy.?.?

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Nice dude! I’m glad to see more games in the community, is it available for me to test it?

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not exactly yet but the game will be released somewhere between!
(April 1st-April 3rd)
so a equivalent to 10 days MAX!

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Nice dude, I can’t wait until the release!. Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Thanks! We need time to fix the bugs and add upgrades for towers!

Wowzie i didnt realised hed be the mascot lol

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lol lol lol

@BroBro2, I am thinking that the game might come out sooner, just not with medium or hard.

Yea PROABABLY easy mode would be done

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I have made it so you can’t go on hard or medium now… but when it is in we can just turn the switches on.

ok sounds good yep alrighty