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Strace is a japanese-based fighting RPG Game. A game where you are Hayashida Akio. But there is some trouble happening there, and you are there to stop it!
strace that image is low quality ;-;


Sounds fun!

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@TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab ,where link?

Bruh, stop. Asking. People. For. Links! A project announcement doesn’t mean that they will send the link immediately. People need time to develop their games.

John_Shrekinson is right, i am still developing the plots, sprites, and mechanics. If it was you making it, would you send the link already?

Absolutely not.

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That you, was directed to DWGAMEMASTER.

literally every game i make gets released to the public as soon as the player can move.

… That’s not really… -_- NO ONE DOES THAT

aaannndddd yup, The player can move, 'ere you go.
[Link now disclosed]

Alright are you actually serious and can we go back on topic

yeh, but im deleting the post because it’s a cough seceret project
so please dont tell anyone, ok? :shushing_face:

All i remember is project… All i remember is project eye…

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[details="top seceret for @TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab
i’ll pm you the game, you can give me some ideas

(but yes i noticed the terminator thing)

You have to delete the post, and even then it will still be there for 24 hours. Additionally, please get back on topic.