OFFICIAL-Unofficial:Game Jam (April)[Hosted by:Overma GAMES]

Who wants to enter???

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NOTE: Max contenders 10* ENTER NOW!
You have until Tomorrow (april 7 @ 8:00 am Central TIME).


When you have entered

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Am I allowed to use a different game engine?

(I’m learning Construct 3)

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Also when would it end? I’m heading to NYC tomorrow and won’t be able to participate until next Monday

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hi i entered but what do u get if u win?

Hi :slight_smile: im excited

maybe, if I’m allowed to use Construct 3…

@Yorkie2323 u can use construct 3 ill let you but since you are using a different engine i cant give you as much credit as i would normally only because you have better materials

@Conal_Game_Studios im still thinking about that

@Yorkie2323 @m33 @Conal_Game_Studios @meburningslime
The theme and type of game will be revealed @ (2:00 PM Central) TODAY

That’s when I leave for NYC lol

uh ok…

Still, when does the game jam end?..

it ends april 12th @12 PM Central and i will have the winner posted the next day

@Yorkie2323 @m33 @Conal_Game_Studios @meburningslime make sure to read when it ends and when it starts ive posted both

Oh. Okay.

Can’t participate then :slight_smile:

I get home the 11th, at late night. Have school the 12th… Unless I can make a whole game on the 12th and you let me submit my game the 12th in the evening.

lol your gone forever thats a whole five days in that case i will extend the time so you can join to it has to be fair but that means you still have less time