Official - Unofficial Spring Game Jam - Winner: Brobro2!

Hello everyone! As you probably got from the title I’ll be hosting an official unofficial spring game jam! Please vote if you want to enter, there will be no prize but making games is fun and you should join so you won’t be bored, I will judge the games and aahhh, yeah. The theme will be announced later today and you will have one week to make your game.

Note - If you enter you will be notified when the jam starts and when the theme is announced!

  • I want to enter

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The theme posted is here!

Jam is officially started!

Game entered by m33.

Game entered my Brobro2


I’d enter if I wasn’t already participating in another game jam and in my own game jam lol
(Which just started)

“Official - Unofficial”

Well that answers the question…

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If anyone is interested in a second game jam mine just started:

It’s about 2:00 pm EST and those who entered are @witherdragon4 @BroBro2 @GameMaster107 @sans7657.
The theme is . . .

Click Me

Avoid the Light

You have one week to make your game and I will choose who won.

All games will be graded justly.

If you didn’t enter that’s fine just click the vote button so I know you entered.




Nice theme :slight_smile:


Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

New Contestant @Yorkie2323, make a note that you still finish at the same time as everyone else so uh, yeah, thanks for joining!

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Lol, when your best friends are a pixel artist and a musician


Oops, I accidentally voted, I’m not participating, don’t worry!

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So you don’t have the power of God and anime?

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New Contestant @MelloJello, friendly reminder that you still finish at the same time as everyone else, thanks for joining!


Fun :upside_down_face:

Winner gets shoutout on my channel. And link to game (if you provide gameplay footage)

If @AbstractGallery is ok with it, lol.

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Nice, I’m not submitting my game though lol (Because I am finishing a game jam and starting my own trying to make a game) So I will probably just do this jam for the fun of it.