Oh lord 4th topic today

I’m on the Flowlab Community app and when I get a notification it doesn’t show. For example: When you get a ping on discord, a little red “:red_circle:” with a 1 appears. Would that be possible to do with the Flowlab community app as well?

Oof 1h and no replies ;c

something like this does happen I believe, no sound, just a little (#) in brackets depending on the amount of replies, likes, pings, so on

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does it not happen to replies on a topic? Does it only notify when I get PM’s and such then?

you can edit that in the notification settings

@Lyndon_Bork What I mean is this:
When someone Pings/DM’s me on Discord this pops up: image
But on the Flowlab Community app, when I get a notification, it’s just this: image How can I change that, or is that not a feature? @grazer

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@Benicheen - I didn’t write this forum software, we’re using https://www.discourse.org/