OI GRAZER! Can ya change my name please

I forgot the password to my other account Chillflakes so can you change my name for me? @grazer

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  1. Welcome to the community, it’s always good to see new faces

  2. Please try to make the title of discussions or posts civil. I know it may be a joke, but having a discussion starting with “OI GRAZER” comes off as hostile. Wait and Grazer will soon respond, thank you.


@Traumax123 is not new. He has a new account. His old account was @CHillflakes .


@grazer Can you also change my name? I would like it to be nsharon - exactly that with no caps. My username was for a specific project but since I’m moving onto other things on flowlab my username is kind of sus if you know what I mean. If you do change it thank you!

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