Ok, so I'm going to need a lot of help (SOLVED)


As you probably know, I’m working on a game for the Booster Jam II. I’m on the final level and I’m coding the boss. This is probably the biggest help request I’ve ever made. The one to solve the final problem gets the solution.

I ran into some difficulties that I thought I’d better ask the community about:

1: I need a way for the blocks around the boss to be destroyed once the raycast hits the player. I have the raycast done, but I don’t know how to make the objects around the boss destroy themselves. They are simple base blocks. If I used a raycaster, I’d have to make 8+ of them, and that’s a last-resort.

2: I need a way to make the boss shoot like a bullet-heIl boss. (Spinning rounds of bullets in small bursts).
The boss itself isn’t going to spin, but the bullets are going to act as if it the object emitting them is spinning. I think you know what I mean.

Those are the main two thinks I need help with.

Here’s the link: Virus Apocalypse.

Thanks for the help!


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what raycast hits the player? Well, one idea to do this is to just to create a new type only made for the ground around the boss. Then you just send a message for the block to destroy itself.

If you want it in the same block, then it would be more complicated.

I built a bundle for this a while ago. I call it “attach+”, but what it does, is that it can take an angle, and a length, and it will output coordinates for that spot. (starting from whatever object it is in, of course.) For you, it would be the spawning point. Then, you can message the last spawned object the angle, and set it’s velocity to that angle + 180. I can give you another example, but here’s the one for attach+


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Ok, yeah. I still have 30 objects to play around with, lol.

Ok, I’ll try this after I make the HP. I made another HP bar with an object.

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Level 2 of the example is using the attach+ to create the bullet-helll sort thing

Check it out

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You can just use an emit for this, just alter the angle as it shoots out. Either can be done with a very short timer if you want it to do a sort of spiral or just use a repeating if you want it in a straight burst.

Yeah just create another ground object. You shouldn’t be having this in the main ground object because you’ll be having a destroying in them, which prevents collisions from merging (which would lower all game performance).

Either do what Fajita said and just message the ground objects, or if you wanted it in actual specific radius of the boss, you could spawn in a hitbox that would remove the blocks it touches.


Thank you SO much Flying Fajita! Sadly, I have to leave now, there’s one bug I need to fix, but that has nothing to do with the boss.

Thanks once again.

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Wow I’m actually soooo dumbbbbb

bruh just use emit, unless you want it to look better or something

Lol I’ve gotten so used to never using emit


For the Bullet HelI? I always use Emit… for everything.