Ok so I'm having a slight problem

So me and the homie @star4m are working on this game, and I was wondering why the heck the legs aren’t attaching the body and head, even though it’s written down in the code. I tried changing the position code in the legs and head, and that doesn’t seem to work. Anyone help TwT

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That’s odd…could it be something with the multiplayer?
It’s only not working for the body and head objects

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A few problems I’ve seen so far.
-The body and head objects aren’t in the level.
-They infinitely travel upward, making them completely useless.
-They aren’t solid and so they won’t collide with the other body parts correctly.
If you want my opinion, do this.
Have the pants send a constant message to the other body parts with the pants current location,
then in the other body parts let it input the message value and add X distance above the pants. (I.E. X+32)

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There’s an attacher block in the legs that attaches them. It’s something wrong with the attacher block…
@grazer HELP!

Even if it attaches them, it will attach them to the exact position of the legs, making them layer over each other, I suggest doing what I said instead. It may seem confusing, but it’s very effective.


And I know for a fact that the attachers are the problem, because I viewed the body sprite in the library and nothing was being activated, even with a ton of onces and alwayses and whatnot

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the body and the head ant there lol

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And the “No Sh*t Sherlock” awards go to…

Looks like a bug with multiplayer selected objects.
Any other object can attach but the ones listed for multiplayer.

I suggest making a player hitbox as “player object” that attaches the head, body, and legs,
with the parts listed as “no multiplayer” (may need a reload).

If this works, see if listed the parts as “shared objects” and see if that works.


Ok, but…

  1. If the body parts weren’t multiplayer, the other players wouldn’t be able to see it
  2. If it was a shared object, they would glitch out because everyone would be controlling them
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I was suggesting not multiplayer because you want to test if it works before adding multiplayer components. But attached objects not working in multiplayer is a bug.

But also shared objects is a suggestion because it just makes it interactable between other players, but since it’s an attached object, it would either work on each player respectively or only one object would have the attachments. I’m not sure which would happen but I don’t have any experience with the multiplayer features.

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Ok, I’ll test it out. Thanks! :blush: