Ok. This is just silly!

Heres my first test for the Sci-fi game jam (VERY work in progress) but my spawn issues are cracking me up. Im sure Ill figure it out but if anyone knows the trick to fix this let me know. Check out Oh No UFO here http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1157464

Fly to the left and watch the train station door open a few times. First time: 3 people. Second time: 12? People. Third time: SO MANY PEOPLE!! Lolol.

Did you make these sprites @todorrobot ? And I haven’t used spawn, but if anyone knew it’d be @“JR 01” .

I’m not able to see the game now, but if I would have to guess is that your having the same object or mutliple of the same object in the level spawning at the same time. Or that your getting more messages to the spawner each time. I’ll look at it later tonight if not tomarrow

@rcreger yes! I get bored at work and generally cant access flowlab, so I spend my time in Piskel making sprites (or Beepbox making music) and plugging them into my game once I get home.

Well, they look fantastic @todorrobot ! Great work, can’t wait to see how this one goes!

@rcreger Thanks! I don’t normally make sprites with the 1 pixel brush (generally prefer chunkier 2px edges), but I was extra bored at work today so i got a little detail happy :slight_smile:

@“JR 01” No worries! Yeah. I figure it’s something like that. I appreciate the second set of eyes when you have a second. The spawn originates from a message in the Door Behaviors and goes to the “Barstid” function block where it SHOULD spit out a handful of Barstids when the door is open (only works on the left station door at the moment). The desired effect is for 3-5 people in different shirt colors to emerge whenever the train stops, but it compounds after every time and eventually culminates in a game crashing onslaught of people clamoring out of the elevator doors. I only just put the code together in a rush, so I haven’t really had a chance yet to really trouble shoot it.

I took a quick look and everything looked right. Nice graphocs btw.

The only thing I could think of is to ask: is there anything that would spawn the spawner?

If not, it could be to how the signal is sent to thr object. Either way, I’m gonna do some test when I get back later tonight.

It seems to work if you make the spawner in the door itself. I have done much, but I’m sure you can edit this and change it to work where you need it. I can make some changes or help in the morning if you need it, goodnight.

@“JR 01” Thanks for taking a look. That seemed to solve the problem and I think I can fine tune from here. Much appreciated!