Ok, what happened to my Game?

Ok, the game I was working on have disappeared. The backgrounds, objects and sprites are gone except for one block and one sprite. I can still see everything on the screen grab on the title page, but when I go to edit or play it, all is missing except the stuff I listed.

Can someone please tell me what happened?

Did you forget to save?

Did he forget to save? I though flowlab saved to the server automatically… I mean, if he had this many said objects and sprites, it would mean that he did click on “okay” after editing his objects to save his work to the server.

The same thing happened with my friend. He spent 14 hours in one day on flowlab, only to find that nothing saved later.

I have no idea. I do know that once I was working on a game for hours, and realized my Wi-Fi shut off, and nothing was saved.

Wow…damn I feel stupid ;-(

forgot I started a new level and only placed two objects on there!

Please just ignore this thread for now on…:stuck_out_tongue:

Lol oh wow, nice. If you posted a link, we would have caught that in a second. Glad you didn’t lose anything.

please make a delete level thing