Okay gonna need some help here! Flowlab Assemble!

Here is the link of my dream game.

just click the link and play. I really dont know how to exlpain it but its something to do with the postion…

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So what are we suppose to do? (don’t mean to sound rude sorry)

Ok, position of what???

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what do you need help with

This really doesn’t give us enough info @Faiafokkusu

I think he wants the hands to always be in front of the player, no matter what direction the player is facing

Then just match orientation then if that’s what you need @Faiafokkusu

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If it requires the mouse, please change the controls to WASD. Thank you.

Um ok how old I say this( I dont know english well but i can try…) So the hand is suppose to be the same postion as the player. like it you look around the hand does not circle the player…

See like this is suppose to rotate around the player where the mouse is pointing

Just do this @Faiafokkusu, scoot the hands down 1, and take the code out of the hands

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