OLD GAMES HERE! Dont Be Shy (;

Hi. Im Baconcat008, And I want to play Your Old (posibly trashy) GAMES!
I know what your thinking: Baconcat, No one wants to play my silly broken games AND THATS WHY YOU BRING THEM HERE! Put your old games here and Ill give you some advice! eg. suggestions for mechanics in your game, Ill help you fix them if they’re broken! (I may even make some music for them) SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! PUT YOU BROKEN DOWN, TRASHY, NO-ONE-WANTS-TO-PLAY GAMES IN THE REPLIES, AND WAIT! YOUR GAME 'L BE SHININ BRIGHT LIKE THE SUN IN NO TIME! (thank you!) feel free to read all of this in a cartoony southern accent


Hello Baconcat this was my first game. https://flowlab.io/game/play/1413734

Cool Game!


  • Pretty Solid Levels!
  • Nice Idea with the enimie being a solid block (That could be used for more puzzles in the future)
  • Like the tree texture (BackGround
  • The stick doesnt shoot if I press “K”
  • No Music! Every good game has music!
  • Default textures! make your own texture instead of using the defaut ones! (I will exuse you for
    this because it was your first game)
  • Boss moves too fast, at least for the first boss, make him move a little slower.
  • For the life of me I could not get over the 2 trees in the beginning!
  • Make the Boss texture Different from just the enimie texture
  • Make more types of enimies!
  • Make More levels! Its quite a short game, and could use some more levels
    Overall, Id say its a (4/10) Kinda good, but could use some more work!
    Thanks for sharing! (;

Yep I agree with all of that. Thank you!

For the stick, you need coins for it to shoot. 1 coin = 1 stick.

ohhh, that makes sence, thanks for letting me know!

To get over the trees, you have to spam w. I will probably change that add ladders. I will also probably change all of the sprites, make a better boss, and add music. Thanks for the feedback!

No worries (; (20202020)

This Is My First Game (On This Account): https://flowlab.io/game/play/1465068
This Is My First Game Ever: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1437712
These All My Accounts: sketch582Admin, sketch582Admin2, sketch582, pixelknife, pixelknife2, pixelknife3

You asked for a trashy old game, and past Crigence delievered:

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