[old post] Starblast Neon Wars coming soon

Its identical to star-blast. But with a new neon/glowing look based on modern times.

Don’t worry, this game is separate from the original game. So if you like the old version, ur in luck!

The original star-blast may experience re-texturing though, such as the sprites will glow.

@grazer any ideas on how to get a glowing effect for the sprites?

Oh, and its also going to be exclusive to my website. AND its going to include multiplayer. AND its going to have a new control scheme for easier gameplay.

Also just to make the original game still fun there will not be custom ships, just skins.

The overall game will be the same, with a few major differences

this sounds like fun. wish flowlab would add an online multiplayer feature.


Oh, he is already planning to add it

@jngthree really? that’s both a kinda nice surprise and awesome!!!
can’t wait to add it in my game!!!

wait, is @grazer an admin, or the owner of flowlab?

Yeah I’m wondering about that too

Reply to @Luminous700
lol. isn’t everybody?

@grazer is owner. There are no admins so far, just a moderator

@jngthree oh. tysm! that honestly explains a lot.

But it says “Roles: Administrator” in his profile. It was a bit confusing… :confused:

Thats for vanilla forums

And one of flowlab’s most anticipated question is answered.

Just started working on the assets for the game. @grazer, can you duplicate starblast?

Make sure it can be built for mobile though, last time you did that it just used the original game and not the adapted version.

actually never mind…

I’ve put together a small little “arena”

there is nothing to do there but move around and shoot the walls… (for now…)
you can get used to the new controls scheme
[W] [A] [S] [D]- move (directional as in W=up D=right A=left S=Down)
press space to shoot (ill add the multi-directional shooting later)
(go to the editor and load “arcade mode”)
play here

Made some cool visual effects via photoshop
Added a nice background made via photoshop
Glowing sprites, looping map (touch one wall teleport to the opposite side of the map)

Fixed some bugs with the ship

Getting ready to add the enemies

Oh, yeah theres gonna be more types of enemies coming in this game. Its gonna rock!

Added the enemies. The orange ones move faster than the original version and are spawned alot faster

Was looking for something… got sidetracked and found this…

Isnt this a good memory?

blast from the past :slight_smile: