"Ominously Sweet" feedbacks

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I like art style and I feel like this game might have potential. It’s still missing a game element though. You need to add something that makes the player do more than move a character around. Add difficult jumps, original mechanics, puzzles, creative bosses… add some game and this could be a really good one.

@“my_name (<_>)”
Thank you about this feedback!
I am intending to add a “panic” game mechanic though [not telling ya what it is]
adding traps, and things that can kill you. . .
[maybe also adding some sort of puzzle, idk]

Pretty good just needs to be easier to jump at the most.
Keep up the work!

Did you make the Art yourself?

This is awesome

Hey @Hiro-kun - this is a really good start :slight_smile:

It looks good I think, but I can’t find the lightswitch, so it’s super dark

Wow @Hiro-kun , the game looks AND feels really good! Beautiful spritework and interesting concept! Still not quite sure what is happening, but I like it!