Once Indie, Always Indie

So, I once had great games, but they all died to no indie. So i propose we have once indie, always indie. For example, i had game webpages customized… but now i cant change them and there lets say an obnoxious color like neon pink. This would allow you to change the border colors and font even if you dont have indie… because it was made with indie and since its already colored it would make sense to just let us change it at this point. Its like i have way over 3 games and flowlab didint just delete them. or like lets say those games all had the multiplayer, which also was removed breaking my games. Multiplayer games should be permanent its like my 60 bucks went to waste on something that doesnt even save.


Cool but grazer needs money to live. I think Flowlab has great monetization as is and should not change. You can always ask Grazer to override bright obnoxious colours with his supreme Flowlabian powers over everything.

been there done that he never responded…

he did tho

I’m not sure I follow what you mean.

Your games aren’t modified when you downgrade your account. If you make a game with an upgraded account it stays upgraded forever.

Multiplayer (or any other features) aren’t disabled (aren’t supposed to be anyway). If you have multiplayer games that broke when you downgraded, that’s a website bug - show me the game(s) and I’ll fix it.


When didnt mean my customization on the game broke its just once modified even when downgraded you should be able to change it e.g. the webpage font and border color, and yes, a multiplayer game did break, Flowlab Game Creator - Fallout: Annihilation whenever i play my multiplayer thingy says disabled

Also i cant seem to find the Fullscreen block since it was moved to Indie, i mean it still working but it seems the block containing it was deleted