Once upon equinestria: Arcodes journey. A post apocalyptic platformer RPG

A game I’ve been working on on and off for over a year, changing focus and story a good amount of times, but finally have a focus. It is a single player post-apocalyptic platformer/RPG heavily inspired by the fallout equestria series and my own characters and story. At the time it can be punishing, but improvements are why I am in the forum, for your opinions.to start the single player campaign click on the centered start (the other is my original draft of the game, a 2 player puzzle platformer) I have only finished the tutorial in the beginning, and a couple levels after saving him (you’ll see what I mean when you get to it). Please give feedback and what you want to see next. Link: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/306049

I have added lil’ propaganda for the main (and not yet introduced) antagonist in the first mission for artstash.

hash browns playing “tag” forever alone

It has a nice gameplay tho


New update! Update: “Mission 1: a dead new world” wrap up!
. Animations for Arcodes walk has been majorly improved (only for mission 1 for good line)
. Finished mission 1 (Good line)
.Added fire, 3 new levels, and a explosion animation (All are at end of mission 1)

Update: Mal-ware Industries “When you need your job done right”
after death and chapter two “good” line intro

added start-up screen

The game changes from a laboratory right to kind of a creepy game… anyway nice job! The game flows like a movie

I can’t wait to start up on the after death part! Not sure how I will make it work but I’ll figure I out

New menu screen (much better now) thanks to the new update with the fonts and what not

Added more to Malwares area, update in your capturing’s background

added more on the dark-one, added Easter eggs in the intro, and added a Easter egg level that basically spoils my universe. Also added more to the map scene

added a briefing room, and cartridge holding some backstory, NEW ANIMATIONS!!! a B.M death and stick being held with magic pointing at a map

added a trip to the rebel base, including a ton of transitions, dialogue, and set up
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added new level in the beginning stages, added the first level in which you train with the rebellion, and the introduction of Magination (that you know of)

added the second level, and an animation depicting the destruction of Magination
I really need people to tell me their opinion and give suggestions, I am in need of some filler levels to mess with.

I like the gameplay, but the story seems to be wandering a bit. Try to make it flow smoother, but it’s your choice

Right now I am mainly trying to cram in an intro to each faction and push universe lore. magination is there as it was a major power before the wars. I do agree things are in too fast a pace and is going from one thing to another too fast, but I’m not sure what to put in.

Why not make some of the cutscenes through the players point of view. And as it progresses they slowly start to realize about the uprising thats about to take place